Lucas & the Lack of Sales Resistance

So I was craving a Vanilla Coke after discussing Pepsi variations this morning on Twitter. So at the end of my lunch break I went into a convenience mart & looked in their fridge to see if they had any Vanilla Coke Zero in a small size. They had small Coke Zero, but no Vanilla Coke Zero, only had 600mL Diet Vanilla Cokes. So I resigned myself to a 600mL Vanilla Diet Coke, which I don't like as much as Vanilla Coke Zero. Then I noticed that all the 600mL Vanilla Diet Cokes had giant "2-Pack" Mars Bars & Snickers hanging from their necks in the fridge. "Get both for $5!" declared the sign. I wasn't actually feeling like chocolate, but okay. I selected my 600mL Vanilla Diet Coke which had a "2-Pak" Mars Bar hanging from it. Then I noticed another bottle had a "2-Pak" 3-Nut Snickers hanging from it, which looked nicer, so I switched my "2-Pak" Mars Bar for the "2-Pak" 3-Nut Snickers. Then I recalled that I actually don't like chocolate straight from the fridge as the cold hurts my stupid weak sensitive teeth, so I looked around for a room-temperature "2-Pak" 3-Nut Snickers. There were none, so I resigned myself to a "2-Pak" Original Snickers, then paid, then left.

So I went in looking for 1 small thing & ended up with 2 large things I did not actually want.

What the hell, brain?

A call to action (again!)

Oh hey. Yes, I do occasionally still post on the blog side of this site. It ain't all about the fuds and the musics.

Remember back in May where I put out a call for people of whom to take photos? And I had a great time and took some pictures of people and fought rain and carried books for people and everything?

Well, I want to do that again, only this time, it's a little different: 1) I'm using film, having acquired and interest (and rediscovered a love) of it. 

2) I'm putting together a portfolio. Because I want to do an exhibition. A real show. And to do that I need to be able to show people I can actually do it. 

I had a theme. But that theme was taken. Now I have a potential few other themes, and that'll come later, but I need a portfolio.

That's where you come in.

Got a face? Cool. I wish to take photos of you. I'm interested in all walks of life. Got tattoos? Cool. Bring 'em. Can you juggle? Outstanding. I got some fruit around here somewhere. Love your car? I can get behind that.

I'll be shooting primarily in black and white, but I might drag along some wacky toy cameras or cross-processing film, whatever strikes me on the day.

As with before, I can't pay, but I can offer beer/occasional foodstuffs/this pen I found under my desk. I'll share whatever photos I take, good or bad.

Interested? 'Course you are. Hit me up on Twitter, @lokified, send a DM or whatever, or an email to

Ok? Ok.


Busy Making Misery

Warning: the feelings in this post may be a side effect of my Getting Old. Reader discretion is advised.

So I think I'm getting tired of despair in fiction.

This has occurred recent with two series: George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice And Fire" and John Birmingham's "Without Warning" (first in an unnamed series). I own the full run of both series, but I find I've burnt out on both of them in the early going.

The reason? Despair without hope.

In Without Warning, America disappears. Not a spoiler, it's on the back of the book. A wave drops over most of North America, and all the people are gone and no one can get in. Overnight, the world economy is screwed. Fires unattended consume entire American cities, causing a toxic cloud of smoke that reaches to Europe and beyond. Wars are declared. There are riots and looting and chaos. The story follows several people in locations all over the world as they try to adjust to this new world.

I'm 2/3rds of the way through book 1 of 3, and I'm not sure I want o continue. It's not the writing; John Birmingham is as always an extremely polished and talented writer. It's just that, well, let me sum it up in some tweets:

Happily, my vitriol amused Mr. Birmingham:

Thinking of other series' I enjoy, like Patrick Ness' "Chaos Walking" & Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn", both of which I fell headlong into and loved, despite overwhelming odds and heart-wrenchingly sad moments, the characters had hope, they kept trying, they had somewhere to get to, something to accomplish. In Martin & Birmingham's books, the misery seems to be the something itself.

In Martin's books, I love Tyrion, I like Jon Snow, and I ADORE Arya Stark, but in order to see what these characters are doing, I have to wade through 100 pages of People Being Creatively Horrible To Each Other Lovingly Described. No, thank you.

Admittedly, this feeling might be coming from the ever-increasing stack of to-read books next to my nightstand. With so much to read, should I really be devoting so much of my time to a book I'm not enjoying (much like, in this Netflix/downloading TV world, how one or two bad episodes can cause a series to be abandoned completely, ne'er to be watched again).

So, I thank Mr. Birmingham for his sense of humour and his previous work, but I think I'll be putting his books on the shelf for a bit.

(Also, I had this entire post composed in BlogPress, hit "Save & Preview", and the app crashed, taking my entry with it. I have no idea how much I salvaged)

Anger About Photos.

I am so angry right now.

So I bought my Mini Diana camera a few weeks ago. I bought some colour film and some black-and-white C41 film. The camera has a setting that takes half-frame shots. I used that for nearly all of the shots because it let me take more.

When I had 2 colour films and one black and white full, I took it to a photo shop in Marrickville Metro (this was Tuesday). After having a word with the guy, he assured me they could process half-frame photos and black-and-white, and it would take 2 business days to process, then announced it was $62 (16.95 per colour & 28 for the black-and-white). I thought it was a bit steep, but paid and handed over the film.

Tanja was home on Thursday, so went up to Marrickville with the slip to collect the film. The two colour ones were ready, but the black-and-white was going to take long, come back Saturday. The prints were awful. Clearly the guy didn't know how to deal with the half-frame, and had cut things unevenly, leaving some with 3 quarter-frames, none of which was a proper photo. Oh well, thought I. Won't be using them again.

I went back myself on Sunday.

"They're not ready."
"Yeah, it's black and white. Takes longer."
"You said two business days."
"Yes, but it's black and white. Takes longer. The developer usually comes in on Fridays, so check back then."
"...Fine. Alright. Whatever."
And I walked out.

Monday morning, I got a call on my mobile from the Manager. She apologized, and said that my photos should be in the next day & she'd call me. I felt better, saying that I must have made an impression on the guy on Sunday.

Here's the kicker.

Today, Tuesday, one week after I dropped off the film, I get the call from the manager.

"Your film is ready."
"Thank you. I'll pick it up tomorrow."
"Yeah, but you didn't tell us it was half-frame."
" that a problem? The colour was half-frame, and that was fine."
"It's just that it's more pictures, so we'll have to charge you more. Another $18."
"...WHAT. You're kidding."
"No, you should have told us it was half-frame. That's twice as many photos."
"Well, why not print two photos to a page, like you did before, with the colour?"
"Is that what you wanted?"
"Yes. ... ... ... Wait, they're already printed, aren't they?"
"Yes. So you need to pay more. Because it was done manually. Because it's black-and-white."

I've agreed to go in and try and sort this out. I'm tempted to ask for the negatives and tell them to go fuck themselves.


A call to action!

I have been thinking.

It's a dangerous pastime.

It's been on my mind since our trip to Byron Bay that more and more, I've been wanting to take photos of people. Portraits specifically, but people in general. I seem to have reached the limits of my patience with stealth-sniping randoms from across the street. I have been inspired by people like @ellendisaster. I also have a period coming up where I have much free time (from June 1-12th)


I need volunteers.

I know many interesting people, IRL, and through Twitter and Instagram.

Want to give me an hour of your time? I can't pay, but I can offer beer/occasional foodstuffs/this pen I found under my desk. I'll share whatever photos I take, good or bad.

So who's interested?

On the flipside, I also need some decent photos taken of me for this site. I think it's due for a visual redesign, and that will include a recent photo of me which is not taken with an iPhone in a bathroom.

Interested? Intrigued? Have nothing better to do? Hit me up at for the emailz, or on twitter at @CoverVersionsTV or @lokified on Twitter/Instagram.

Hope this works.