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Lucas & the Lack of Sales Resistance

So I was craving a Vanilla Coke after discussing Pepsi variations this morning on Twitter. So at the end of my lunch break I went into a convenience mart & looked in their fridge to see if they had any Vanilla Coke Zero in a small size. They had small Coke Zero, but no Vanilla Coke Zero, only had 600mL Diet Vanilla Cokes. So I resigned myself to a 600mL Vanilla Diet Coke, which I don't like as much as Vanilla Coke Zero. Then I noticed that all the 600mL Vanilla Diet Cokes had giant "2-Pack" Mars Bars & Snickers hanging from their necks in the fridge. "Get both for $5!" declared the sign. I wasn't actually feeling like chocolate, but okay. I selected my 600mL Vanilla Diet Coke which had a "2-Pak" Mars Bar hanging from it. Then I noticed another bottle had a "2-Pak" 3-Nut Snickers hanging from it, which looked nicer, so I switched my "2-Pak" Mars Bar for the "2-Pak" 3-Nut Snickers. Then I recalled that I actually don't like chocolate straight from the fridge as the cold hurts my stupid weak sensitive teeth, so I looked around for a room-temperature "2-Pak" 3-Nut Snickers. There were none, so I resigned myself to a "2-Pak" Original Snickers, then paid, then left.

So I went in looking for 1 small thing & ended up with 2 large things I did not actually want.

What the hell, brain?

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