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A call to action!

I have been thinking.

It's a dangerous pastime.

It's been on my mind since our trip to Byron Bay that more and more, I've been wanting to take photos of people. Portraits specifically, but people in general. I seem to have reached the limits of my patience with stealth-sniping randoms from across the street. I have been inspired by people like @ellendisaster. I also have a period coming up where I have much free time (from June 1-12th)


I need volunteers.

I know many interesting people, IRL, and through Twitter and Instagram.

Want to give me an hour of your time? I can't pay, but I can offer beer/occasional foodstuffs/this pen I found under my desk. I'll share whatever photos I take, good or bad.

So who's interested?

On the flipside, I also need some decent photos taken of me for this site. I think it's due for a visual redesign, and that will include a recent photo of me which is not taken with an iPhone in a bathroom.

Interested? Intrigued? Have nothing better to do? Hit me up at for the emailz, or on twitter at @CoverVersionsTV or @lokified on Twitter/Instagram.

Hope this works.

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