Episode 13 - Barley Wine Steak with Herb Stirfry & Cured Cucumbers

Will wonders never cease! I present to you a recipe of my own creation. I'm as shocked as you are.


So basically, I took 3 or 4 beer-based steak marinades, chopped & changed them, then supercharged the whole thing by replacing whatever beer was listed with the uber-potent Mikeller Big Worst Barley Wine that I found at Leura Cellars (my favourite part of renting a car & going to the Blue Mountains for holidays). The Barley Wine was actually so strongly flavoured that I was unable to drink it on its own. Its aromas were of earth and roasted mushrooms and black coffee, which is why I thought I'd make it with steak.

The stir-fry comes out quite fiery, so it you can't handle the hot stuff, maybe only use one or no chilli instead of two.

And in actuality, not everything is of my own design in this recipe. The Cured Cucumbers are from Jared Ingersoll's "Slow Food" book, and constitute the first thing I've actually made from that book (despite thinking I desperately needed it when I saw it in the shop). What about you, gentle reader? Have you ever had to have something, then never used it?

And you get a bonus cocktail! Isn't that nice? I perfected my cocktail skills working in a call centre, where they'd let staff have a beer Friday nights, and my friends and I started a cocktail thing which started from humble beginnings then grew to encompass my selling cocktails from shaker or blender with real glassware. It was eventually shut down by HR, but I basically made drinks every Friday for 16 months straight. So I've got practice. This Grape Palmetto started life as a Grape Martini from the Bentley Bar book, but as I couldn't afford half the ingredients, I started substituting until I had something completely different. Also, notice there are no jokes in the cocktail section. That's because cocktails are SRS BZNS.

Music Notes:

Like the recipe, the music list for this episode was a completely off-the-cuff, "what have I got around" mix of tastes and styles without a theme.

 The Nerd Follia - Amazing Horse, from "Around The Universe", 2010
An awesome electro cover of one of the ear-wormiest memes around. Haven't seen the original? Go here.

Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra, from "2001: A Space Odyssey", 1968
This was a completely and utterly gratuitous conceit, but I regret nothing. That also may constitute the longest bit in one of my videos where I didn't speed it up.
Blind Man's Colour - Brother Sport, from "Season Dreaming", 2009
An Animal Collective cover I found on a blog. No strong feelings, just liked how, without even trying, the cadence synced up to the cuts I made in the cucumbers.
Julie London - Fly Me To The Moon, from "The End of the World", 1963
Oh, Julie London, you paragon of sultry album covers and voice that could turn cream into butter and that analogy doesn't even make sense. I first became aware of her through The Girl Can't Help It (a film that featured Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent & the Platters as well as a plot which consisted of "Look how hot Jayne Mansfield is"), and through "Touch me, I'm sick : the 52 creepiest love songs you've ever heard" by Tom Reynolds (where her purred version of "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" is just so wrong, but still epic). 

Keren Ann - Life On Mars, from "We Were So Turned On: A Tribute To David Bowie", 2010
I got a three-disc David Bowie covers album. Three discs, and this was the only one worth keeping. How can songs be minimalist but still overproduced? Anyhow, you guys know I'm a sucker for rounded vocal sounds and strings. So here you are.

The Hypnomen - Dance With The Devil, from "Smash*Up Derby", 2003
A cover of one of the most bad-ass drum-led instrumentals of all time. I have (and adore) the Cozy Powell version too.




Barley Wine Steak:


  • The day before, get a big tupperware container or Ziploc bag and put the steak inside. Add black mustard seeds, ginger, brown sugar, soy sauce, bbq sauce, Mayan chilli chocolate powder (optional), chopped garlic, the leaves of the rosemary.
  • Pour over your Barley Wine/dark beer reverentially.
  • Seal the receptacle, give it a shake, and store in the fridge overnight.
  • The next day, grill the steak to your desired doneness, & put in a warm oven to rest.
  • Meanwhile, pour the leftover marinade into a saucepan, bring to a boil, then lower heat to a simmer & reduce.
  • When ready to serve, slice steak into strips & pour over a few spoons of gravy.


Herb Stir-fry:


  • Deseed and chop up two long red chillies.
  • Chop up a bunch of coriander (rough-chopping the leaves, finely slicing the stem & discarding the roots) , the spring onions, and a handful of mint leaves.
  • Add to a bowl along with a cup of bean sprouts, a handful of green beans (halved), the fish sauce and the soy sauce.
  • Give it all a shake to combine.
  • Get a wok on high heat. When it's hot, throw everything in and stir-fry until the herbs have wilted and the beans are cooked through.


Cured Cucumbers:


  • Trim your cucumbers, then cut them into quartered wedges lengthwise. Lay the pieces out on a cutting board, skin down.
  • Sprinkle liberally with salt, then sugar.
  • Stand the wedges up in glasses (or lay down in tupperware), and squeeze over the juice of 1 lemon.
  • Seal and let sit in the fridge for at least a day.
  • Optional: snip up some chives and mix through the glass before serving.



The Grape Palmetto


  • In a thick-walled glass or Boston shaker, add 10 white grapes, a tsp of sugar & 1/2 oz of triple sec.
  • Muddling with a rolling pin or muddling stick.
  • Add 1 1/2 oz White Rum, 3 tsp dry vermouth, 1 tsp lemon juice & 1 oz red grape juice.
  • Shake with ice.
  • Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with a grape.


*Note: the red grape juice can be omitted for a shorted, dryer & more potent drink. Mahalo!


Episode 12 - Mountain Meatballs in Chilli Coffee Sauce

Morning folks. I will be typing gingerly today, as I seem to have blown out my shoulder in a completely non-embarrassing fashion.



This was recorded on the 23rd of December (eagle-eye viewers will see I'm wearing the same Beethoven shirt as in my Christmas message). We had our friends Adrian an Tommy over, but the only wacky shenanigans caught by the cameras was the opening of one beer by my lovely wife. Oh well!

Also, HEY YOU GUYS you want to tell me what I can do better? Like seriously? Then do my 10-question survey! Tell me what I stink at! (Seriously, now that the editing itself is becoming less of a chore I start to worry at my content. Do people get annoyed by my banter? Do they want less instruction, more instruction? Do they want me just to shut up? Crippling insecurities!)

Recipe Notes: 

The recipe makes 8 meatballs, which could technically feed 8 people, or 4 hungry ones. Though it's very timing-dependant (getting the sauce made before the meatballs are ready), both the meatballs and the sauce are very forgiving in that neither of them will be ruined by a little extra time on the stove/in the oven. In the video, I served with the little bit of noodles, but I've happily served with rice or bread in the past. Just be sure you have something to mop up the lovely sweet-smoky-spicy sauce!

Music Notes

Sepultura - "Mountain Song", from "Revolusongs", 2003

I only used a little snippet of the intro for this, as the main song is a little bit repetitive and really didn't match the mood I was going for., allowing me to use....

The Baseballs - "The Look", "Hot N Cold", "Pokerface", from "Strike!", 2009

The Baseballs! Not only does it allow for delicious punning (meatballs, Baseballs, geddit?), but I get to showcase one of my favourite cover bands of the past year. The Baseballs are a 7-piece rockabilly outfit out of Berlin, who cover pop songs. Modern pop songs. Like Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, and Maroon 5, and Snow Patrol. I spotted their poster in JB Hifi, looked them up on my phone and had the album bought from iTunes before I left the store (cheating, a little, but JB had it for $27.95, and iTunes had it for $16!). And it's awesome. Elvis style vocal and three-part harmonies, with get-up-and-dance piano riffs make for a winning combination. I chose the look not only for my wife's love of Roxette, but because I saw a Youtube clip (now taken down) of them performing it live and watched as they sung the "Nanananana" bit as the opening and 5000 people went absolutely insane.

Their second album, "Strings N Stripes", however, I did not dig as much, after being unable to obtain it in Australia, in shops or on iTunes, I obtained it in a COMPLETELY LEGAL MANNER THAT DOES NOT RHYME WITH BORRENTING. I spotted a lot of reused piano parts, and missed opportunities. The standout was their version of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" which has made it into my regular rotation.




  • Preheat oven to MAX POWER.
  • Peel & slicify 2 onions to the smallness of your liking. Throw them into a big pan on medium heat & sweat them down for about 10 minutes.
  • Put your mince in a bowl and add the cooked onion, mustard, oregano, cumin, coriander, breadcrumbs (if you have giant hands, use less breadcrumbs), eggs, with some salt and pepper. 
  • Get your hands in there and squooosh it all together. Add more breadcrumbs if the mix is too wet.
  • Divide the mix into 8 spheroids the size of a softball (or cricket ball, or polo ball).
  • Pour out some mozza onto a cutting board.
  • For each shreroid, make a hole and fill it with cheese, then shape it back into a ball so it doesn't escape.
  • Line up the balls on an oiled oven tray, and cram them into the oven for 30 minutes.


  • Wipe your onion pan, and put it back on the heat. Moar oil.
  • Chop up your remaining onion, plus your capsicums, dried chillies, and all 10 freaking cloves of garlic, then add to the pan with the paprika and cook for 15 minutes.
  • Put on a pot of coffee in the meantime.
  • Cut the tomatoes into quarters.
  • When the coffee's done, add the Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, vinegar, mustard and brown sugar, then the tomato quarters on top.
  • Pour the hot coffee into the pan, mix everything together, turn the heat to high, and bring to a boil.
  • Turn the heat to medium-low, and simmer for 20 minutes until sauce thickens up.


  • Take your balls out of the oven, leaving the heat on.
  • If you're feeling health-conscious, you can pour out a little of the fat, just be sure not to lose a meatball into the sink.
  • Pour the sauce between and around the meatballs and return to oven for a further 5 minutes.
  • Serve with noodles, bread or potatoes, pop a meatball into eat plate, cover with sauce, sprinkle ofver extra mozzarella cheese, seize and consume!

(please do the survey, guys! I require opinions!)



Episode 11 - Saucy Lemon Pudding (AlphaBakes)

What? Another episode already? Well, yes! I don't often refuse a challenge, so I shot this, and oh hey wait, don't I have a fancy new editing machine that does things really quick? Well yes I do! So you get three episodes in 2 weeks! (actually, I finished the video Thursday night, but then it took ages to load to YouTube):



This is a seriously good pudding. I mean seriously good. It tastes like you remember lemon meringue pies tasting when you were little. Add a Riverina sticky or botrytis semillon and you may die. I am not responsible for those deaths.

The texture is interesting too. Because of the bain-marie style of making it, the bottom stays a little bit runny & custard, while the top has a crust and more of a sponge cake texture. The glazed zest topping is actually from a different recipe in the same book for a lemon & pecan teacake, which nearly made the cut, but I'm a sucker for puddings. The recipe describes itself as "breastfeewding for adults" which even the author acknowledges is a bit off.  

As for the challenge part, this is for the AlphaBakes Challenge, hosted this month by Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker! This is my first cooking blog challenge, and I hope I'm up to scratch.


Music Notes

Everyone has that one friend at some point in their lives. The guy or girl that jump-starts your taste in music, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and really gets you thinking. For me, that guy was David Hylton (of The David Hylton Band, Are You The Farmer?, and guitarist for Maxine Kauter).

I met David while we were both working in the music section of Borders in Bondi Junction. We talked music, and movies, and travel (he had lived in Japan, and India, and travelled all through Australia), and bonded over blues and rock.. He loaned me CDs, I burned him some of mine (I was seriously Dick from High Fidelity. I swear he has a stack of labouriously-created CDs in a corner of his flat somewhere). We became concert buddies for a while, even after I stopped working there. We saw Robert Cray, Buddy Guy (AHmazing), Faker, The Grates (AHmazing), and, unexpectedly, LiveEarth (he got free tickets). I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that without David, I would not have found/gotten into (deep breath): The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The English Beat, The Specials, Living Colour, The Folk Implosion, Bob Dylan (apart from the obvious hits), Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Music, The Libertines, Amy Winehouse, Elbow, Jane's Addiction, Elvis Costello, The Last Shadow Puppets, Doves, The Stranglers, Dallas Crane, Sublime, Ryan Adams, or Primus (partial credit there, Ted helped too). He also had a habit of loaning me stuff that I would listen to, then put aside, but then a year or two later, I'd see a band all over the blogs or in a soundtrack, and lo and behold, I had songs by them.

What does this have to do with this episode? Well it'd had been a few years since I had seen David, and I still randomly got invites to his shows. I went to one with my old clunker of a camera and took some pictures for him, and he paid me back with a burned CD of stuff he'd be listening to (he'd gotten the hang of iTunes). 

"I put a new Amy Winehouse song on there. Ignore the tabloid stuff, it's a pistol of a track."

That song was "You Know That I'm No Good". And he's right, it is. There was also a Newton Faulkner song (which I would not notice until I saw him be awesome on Good News Week), some Elbow, and my current favourite Elton John song "Madman Across The Water". And tucked in the back was a version of the Zuton's "Valerie", produced by Mark Ronson.

MUCH later, I was in the Hunter Valley with my wife, driving along the Puddy Road, and a live version of "Valerie" came on the radio. It was a live version, so slow and swingy. 

"I prefer the up-tempo version." said I. Tanja wanted to hear it, so I dug out my iPod and played the Zutons version. No, that wasn't it. I couldn't find it, because the artist listed was Mark Ronson.

Tangent! The Triple J Like A Version Series. I love the concept (getting artists to do nonstandard covers of somgs they like that might be outside their comfort zone). I bought the first one on the strength of the Cat Empire's "L'Hotel De Californie". Didn't like the rest of the album because I either a) didn't know the artist, b) didn't know the cover, or c) both (example, thanks, Corinne Bailey Rae, for covering "Venus As A Boy", but I know neither you nor that song (there were exceptions, like Tegan & Sara's "Dancing In The Dark" and Crooked Fingers' "Long Black Veil"). I much preferred the lighthearted Triple M Musical Challenges, which were more of a "Let's get Jimmy Barnes in a room and see if he can do Dancing Queen". So anyhow, on a whim, I purchased Like A Version Vol 7, specifically looking for music for this podcast. Some stuff was fun (like Owl Eyes' cover of "Pumped Up Kicks" which I heard before I heard the original), but most didn't change me life. Except there was this one track, sung by the Kaiser Cheifs, called "Record Collection" which was good, and I felt I'd heard it somewhere. So, on the way to work, I looked Mark Ronson up in the iTunes store and nearly died.

Not ONLY was her the star producer for Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and others, but he had an entire album of covers of Coldplay, Kaiser Cheifs, Britney Spears, The Jam, Radiohead, Maximo Park & Kasabian. He loves the big band horn sound. And, as I posited to Tanja, I think his being a producer has influences him to create these layer, complete soundscapes that sound amazing through good headphones.

Then I realised (after buying two of his albums) that I had one of his songs in my playlists all along. David Hylton strikes again.

Mark Ronson - "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (feat. The Daptone Horns)", "Oh My God (feat. Lily Allen)", "Diversion", from "Version", 2007

From Mark's own words (iTunes included a video called Track By Track), "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" was his favourite Coldplay song and he loved the melody and the lyrics (I disagree, saying it's one of Chris Martin's whinier efforts), and that he loved the lyrics so much that he stripped the song back to just the melody and then turned it into an obnoxious horn line, knowing that when people hear it, their brains would start singing the Coldplay lyric. I just love the energy, and how it seems to be a badass intro to a song that never happens.

As for "Oh My God"... his take: "Lily came in and for the first two takes wasdoing a straight-up Ricky Wilson impression, until i asked her to try and make it her own, and suddenly it all changed". My take? It is very much her own song with the slow-quick Lily Allen phrasing working very well and being insancely catchy.

And I used "Diversion" as just that, a diversion while the track switched.


Recipe Notes:

Sauce Lemon Pudding w/ Glazed Zest

Ingredients (most of which you should already have about the place)

100g softened butter
180g caster sugar
2 lemons
4 eggs
60g plain flour
250mL milk
1tbsp extra caster sugar 


  • Preheat oven to 180°
  • Cream together your butter and sugar in a bowl (I did it by hand, because mixers are for pansies. This is why your butter needs to be soft.)
  • Separate 4 eggs, and put the whites in a 2nd bowl, putting the yolks in with the butter-sugar-mix.
  • Zest both lemons, and hide away half the zest for later. Add the remaining zest & the juice of both lemons to the egg-yolk-butter-sugar mix.
  • Add the flour and milk to the zest-egg-yolk-butter-sugar mix and mix it all up.
  • Take your egg-white bowl and beat it into soft peaks (this took me forever, hopefully you're better at it)
  • Fold the beaten whites into the zest-egg-yolk-butter-sugar mix (carefully, if you like. I was... less careful)
  • Grease an over-proof bowl or cake tin, then pour in the mix.
  • Stand the bowl/tin in a tray, then fill the tray with water about halfway up the side of the bowl/tin.
  • Bake for 60 minutes, or until the top goes golden and shows little cracks.
  • Meanwhile, get a little pot and put it on medium heat. Add your reserved zest, 125mL of water, and your extra caster sugar. Give it a stir and let it cook 5-10 minutes. When the zest has coloured the syrup around it and started to go translucent, take it off the heat and scrape it into a cool bowl & let it sit to cool.
  • Once the pudding is done, let it cool for 10 minutes, then spread your sticky zest glaze over the top.
  • Carve into quarters, seize and consume!

Also, I'm thinking I need a new title sequence. Or at least, reshoot the old one. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Send them to or hit me up on Twitter @CoverVersionsTV.



Episode 10 - Kung Pao: Enter The Chook

Welcome back, watchers/listeners/readers/viewers! I am posting to you now from my brand spanking new MacPro, which I'm sure will be creating you fancy new cover versions for many moons to come.


Be sure to prepare things for this recipe first, as the end kind of degenerates into "throw crap into wok, stir". You'll notice I'm doing a camp stove in the video. That's because I prefer a gas flame when cooking stir-fry, or anything that needs a really hot pan. Also, if you have lots of little bowls, now is the time to use them. It's really helpful to seperate out the ingredients beforehand. 

The recipe is really fragrant, especially when the coriander stem hits the pan, so prepare for your house to smell awesome.

I was going for a badly-dubbed-and-worse-translated Shaw Brothers 70s Kung Fu vibe with this video, and I must give thanks to Diana (for talking me out of scrapping the idea for fear of offending) and May (whose inability to help translate made me fall back on Google Translate and Translation Party, which I think made a better result).

For all that I'm posting from the MacPro, this video was actually one of two episodes edited not on my Alienware M11X laptop using Corel VideoStudio Pro V4 (as episodes 1-8 were), but on Adobe Premiere Pro C4 on my PC (which I've had for years, but have been unable to use, as my PC is a slow sack of crap. Recently, though, I set up my external hard drive as a scratch disc, which freed up some functionality). Hence nicer transitions, better timelapses, and new fonts. Also less stress for me. I'll be making the jump to Final Cut Pro X now that they have multi-camera editing, but might let the credit card cool down for a bit first. Phew. 

(edit: I'll take that back, because in my time between this morning, when I started writing, and just now this evening, I had a mini freakout at my new Mac. I had decided to buy Final Cut Pro X and had started the download. Then I thought "Hey, I'll get DropBox and Evernote so I can send my half-finished blog to my iPad, and finish it in the living room and not be anti-social". Well. I downloaded DropBox and it asked me to drag the icon to the Applications Icon but I couldn't FIND the Applications icon, and then I was trying to Google where I would find such an icon, and the internet spacked out on me, causing pop-ups from the downloads saying they'd been cancelled and was I connected to the internet? So I got mad. But I actually know it's not the OS's fault. I'm just too used to knowing where everything is, so when I don't know, it can be worrying.)

Music Notes

The OneUps - "Ain't No Love Like Lewanda's [ToeJam & Earl In Panic On Funkotron]", from "Integalactic Redux", 2011; "Rainbow Road", from "Super Mario Kart Album", 2010

These guys were part of the NSFW show Summer Music Series, and played the first track, which casually and with no great difficulty melted my face onto the floor with the crazy funky jam. Go here to see that performance here, and check them out on their website. Buy their crap. I did. Also, I chose Rainbow Road because not only was it the most difficult goddamn track from Mario Kart (it had no walls! NO WALLS! Also it induced epilepsy), but the song sounds like a game show "Tell them what they've won, Johnny!" montage. Both of which fit my 70s vibe nicely.


Recipe Notes:

Kung Pao: Enter The Chook Szechuan Stirfry

Serves two.


2 chicken thigh fillets

4 spring onions

1/2 a capsicum

1 clove garlic

3cm of ginger, peeled

1 bunch coriander

1/2 teaspoon szechuan peppercorns

2 dried chillies

1 tsp cornflour

2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

Handful of salted peanuts

Chinese 5-spice powder

Soy sauce

rice, to serve


  • Slice up your chicken thighs into bite-sized bits, and put them in a bowl with a couple big splashes of soy sauce. (let's call this bowl 0)
  • Chop the roots off your coriander, then tear the bunch in half. Put the top half (the bit with the leaves) aside for later, and finely slice the stem (put it in bowl 1).
  • Chop up your half-capsicum into little pieces (bowl 1)
  • Cut the nasty hairy bits off your spring onions and finely slice them too. (bowl 1)
  • Peel your garlic & slice into matchsticks. Use a spoon to take the peel off the ginger, and matchsticks as well (both into bowl 2)
  • Get out your mortar & pestle (or if, you don't have one, use a pepper grinder or a Bamix attachment or a rock or something). Crush your dried chillies and szechaun peppercorns into smaller bits of chillies and szechaun peppercorns. (bowl 3)
  • Get your wok onto a high heat. When it's hot, toss in the handful of peanuts and let them roast a bit. When you can smell them, take them out and return wok to the heat.
  • Put the peanuts into your mortar and pestle and crush them. Dust them with 5-spice powder and crush again.
  • When the wok is hot again, throw in the chicken bits and any soy sauce left in the bowl. Season with salt as you move it around the pan quick-like.
  • About 30 seconds later, add bowl 3 (your chilli & pepper). Stir, flip, turn.
  • When the chicken's turned golden, throw in bowl 2 (garlic and ginger) Stir, flip, turn.
  • About 30 seconds later, add bowl 1 (veggies). Stir, flip, turn.
  • After a minute or two, pour in the sweet chilli sauce, the cornflour, a splash of soy sauce, mix the whole lot together and turn off the heat.
  • Leave stand for 2 minutes as the sauce sets.
  • Get two bowls. Put some rice you made in the bottom and split the stir-fry between them. Scatter your spiced peanuts over top and finish with a handful of torn-up coriander.
  • Seize, and consume!

Episode 9: Holiday B-Sides

So B-sides is an idea I originally thought up to show off quick-to-make side-dishes, but the folder on my computer had become a repository for any episodes that were too short, too simple, surplus to requirements, or shot in a slapdash way. Also, coincidently, both of these recipes are not mine. I'll explain more after the video:



I made the Chocolate Bark to bring to my in-laws' place for Christmas, and the Bread on the morning of Australia Day. They come from two food blogs I read religiously: Not Quite Nigella and The Intolerant Chef. Both update often enough to keep my RSS Reader a-scrolling. Go read 'em.

The Chocolate Bark shoot was an absolute pain, because I did it at the end of the Christmas episode, and all my camera batteries were suddenly dead, except for my little Sony Bloggie, and all my tripods were all over the place. Hence the extreme close-up, as I sat the bloggie right up against the cutting board, and no overhead shots of melting or brushing chocolate.

Edit, 17/02/12: I found it! I did get the overhead shot of the chocolate! I include it here, as a deleted scene, to the tune of the Ventures hit "Pipeline", as performed by Anthrax:


The reason the Beer Bread is a B-Side? Well, it's just that bloody quick to make! Seriously! 

Music Notes

"My Girl Part 2" - Spiderbait, from "Stoneage Cameos", 2005

I have a recipe that involves beer & was inspired by cheese & onion chips. I made it on Australia Day. This all says Aussie Pub Rock, which to me, means Hoodoo Gurus. Stoneage Romeos is an amazing album and one of those vinyl I can listen to beginning to end, and this tribute album features some winderful (and sometimes weird) covers by You Am I, The Living End, The Spazzys, Spiderbait, Grinspoon & The Wrights. Originally I was going to pick "My Girl Part 1", also by Spiderbait, but felt it's louder, crunchier sound did not match with the mellow video, so I swapped it for Part II.

"Young Turks" - Nico Vega, from "Nico Vega Covers Nico Vega And Rod Stewart", 2011

Confession time: I had no idea what to put for this part of the video, then I remembered that Rod Stewart did a song called Young Turks so I Googled that and found this. Nico Vega gives a bombastic, Pat-Benetar-style rendition, and I'm quite happy with my last-minute snag. Also, she self-releases, so go see her stuff here.

Recipe Notes

I'm in a bit of a hurry, as I have an early get-up tomorrow, so I shall just link you to the people whose recipes they are. :)

No-Knead Cheese & Onion Beer Bread @ Not Quite Nigella

Turkish Delight Chocolate Bark @ The Intolerant Chef

Real proper episode next time, promise. Also, I may gabble on about video editing methods in a later post. And finish my Melbourne blog too. But for now, bed.